"The beginning
of a passion"

Ever since I was a child, dogs have been my passion. I constantly had my nose in dog training books to educate myself and to learn a little bit more about them every day.

It was when I got my first dog, Ulysse, an English Springer Spaniel, that I finally got the opportunity to implement the techniques I had learned from the books for the first time.

But it is through contact with several dogs, that I used to walk when I was young, that I learned to read their behaviour.

After moving to the countryside, and my search of 2 years for a good breeder, all of the conditions were united once again to welcome a dog into the family. Zora, my female Ridgeback who is at my side at a daily basis, has played an important role in the creation of my project.

I decided to put an end to my career as a Project Manager and to turn my passion for dogs into my profession, using my expertise.

"Zora and my
change of life"


  • Trained at the Rhodesian Ridgeback Training Centre.

  • Course on anxiety with dogs. (Syntra).

  • Trained in Grisha Stewart’s BAT techniques (Behaviour Adjustment Training).
  • Canine nutrition course (Syntra).
    • As a result of this course, I decided to examine the different brands of dog food. I started my search for quality brands with transparent ingredient lists that are truly adapted to the needs of dogs. I am currently a representative of several brands which have really convinced me.

"Sharing my passion"

Now I would like to put my passion and expertise at your service and at the service of your dog. Through different techniques, I can bring harmony and create a real human-dog team with “Respect” being the keyword.

Each has his place and treats the other with respect, that is purpose for my approach.

Didier Montens