1/ Tips

“I can help you choose
the dog that will fit you best”

Before getting a dog, you must really think about it first. This step is essential because it will be of influence on the quality of the relationship with your dog. I can help you choose the dog that will fit you best, taking into account several criteria: your life, a particular context, the time you will be able to spend with the dog, the expectations you have, the character and energy of the family, etc.

In addition to choosing the breed, you should also ask yourself if you should choose a male or a female. But there is also the choice of the puppy. I can accompany you to the breeder’s or to the shelter and guide you in this very important choice.

2/ The education of the puppy or the dog

Base education

The “Base education” consists of two parts :

  1. Visit at the dog owner’s home (1h30)
    • Observation of the puppy/dog in his own environment: how does he behave at home and with family members?

    • Explanation of the way in which the dog thinks and acts in general and the specifics of the breed.

    • Learning the basics of dog training: show how to get the dog to do what you want.

    • Explanation of the importance of a balanced nutrition.

  2. 4 or more sessions (1h/session)
    • Instructions given by the owner to his dog, the better the communication, the better the behaviour.

    • Ensure the consistency of the orders given.

    • Tips and tricks to avoid getting into bad habits.

    • Observation and feedback on the behaviour of the owner and the dog.

    • Providing the owner with the necessary tools to be able to teach a new order to the dog by himself.

Practical information

  • Sessions at the owner’s home, at my place or in more appropriate surroundings.

  • Training courses to ensure the follow-up of the basics learned.

  • In order to be efficient, the courses will be given twice a week.

  • The courses must start shortly after the first learning session.

  • Travel expenses.

Personalised courses

At the owner’s request, one or more personalised courses can be organised. The requests can be diverse, for example: no running after bikes, perfecting the recall, learning to walk beside the owner, etc.

Practical information

  • The course will take at least 1 hour.

  • The course will be given at the owner’s home or at my place.

  • Travel expenses.

Walking courses

This course combines both walking and education. The owner will assist to every training to also perfect his skills. This course is available for dogs as from the age of 7 weeks, since 7-8 weeks is the best age for socialisation.

Two possibilities

  • Your dog alone: this walk can take place in different places such as the city, the woods, the metro, etc.

  • Your dog walking with other dogs: this walk will always take place in the woods and will allow for good socialisation and improved recall. This walk allows me to explain in real time what is good behaviour for a dog and canine interactivity.

3/ Dog training boarding school

If after the individual training courses, we see that you have difficulties or lack time to train your dog properly, I can offer intensive training programmes for your dog. These boarding schools have a very limited number of available places in order to be able to obtain the best possible result.

boarding school

The dog will live at my home for several days in a row, night and day, in order to teach him good behaviour, or to correct certain bad habits. The number of days cannot be predicted in advance, I will be training your dog until the result is achieved. 

Even if we cannot guarantee a perfect result, I will do my best to solve the problem. It is very important to continue working with your dog once at home as not to lose the good habits he has learned. Of course, I will show you how.

The dog will pass his days with me and will come home at night. For a good training or a correction of bad habits, at night the owner must continue the training the dog gets during the day, which means that he will have to spend an hour with me and the dog at the end of every day to see what we did during that day and to learn how to continue this.

boarding school

4/ “hunting” training

Passionate about hunting, I have trained my dog who now accompanies me on every hunting expedition. After having completed my training in this particular discipline of accompanying a dog in the context of small game hunting, I now offer my services to train your future partner.

Your dog will be taught to accept gun shots, how to act in the presence of game, to use soft mouth, wild game tracking and chasing techniques (pointing, flushing…), etc.

Depending on his breed, your dog will have a particular way of behaving: pointing breed, flushing dog or retriever. Of course, I will adapt my training to the way he functions and to your type of hunting.